Will & trust services 

last wills & testaments

The importance of making a will is often overlooked. When a will has been properly written, then it can make a vast amount of difference to easing the burden on your relatives. It can also give you peace of mind. Our team are intent on making such important issues as wills and trusts simpler for you and your family by ensuring your assets are looked after by people who have your best interests at heart. We offer a wide variety of services relating to wills and probate and would be pleased to discuss your individual requirements with you

what do our services include?

Our Service Includes:

– Last Wills & Testaments
– Powers of Attorney
– Family Trusts to hold your property & assets when you pass away
– Trusts to receive your life assurance, pension & death-in-service benefits when you pass away
– Storage of all relevant documentation
– In the process, you will appoint legal Guardians for your children under 18 and Trustees to help manage your affairs after you have gone
– Access to professional Executors & Trustees and valuable future help with Probate and Estate Administration can be secured

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